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Welcome to iNFINITE possibilities with Empowering Businesswomen!

The comprehensive business program for motivated female entrepreneurs who want to scale up without burning out.

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This is iNFINITY8

8 Purpose-driven pillars, Innovative Masterclasses, Dynamic Business Assets + Templates...

… and a woman building her life by design. 




We see your essence

You're a visionary woman in business with ambitious goals for a financially-free, time-rich lifestyle built by your design.

But you want to achieve this reality without burning out…or sacrificing those you’re closest to you on the altar of your success. 

Do these sound familiar?


  • You have huge goals and ambitions….
  • But you find yourself doubting the how on a daily basis.
  • You see others with the success you know you are capable of…
  • But scaling your business alone is leaving you feeling uncertain and overwhelmed.
  • You feel exhausted by your mounting responsibilities and want to reframe what “success” looks like…
  • But you seek better strategies for juggling business ownership, future growth, and partnerships.
  • You desire more balance in your life and business, knowing that you're an untapped force under the surface….
  • But you struggle to find the support and resources you need to upgrade your reality.

If this is you, then you've come to the right place.

It's where the magic happens.

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Biz Strategies

Innovative thinking, expert support, and winning biz systems for long-term success.


Growth blueprints

Feed your mind, ignite your focus, and grow your confidence with powerful essentials for scaling without burning out.


Lifestyle Approaches

Transform your habits and elevate your success with empowering actions for a balanced life and biz.


Connection Builders

Nurture generations and strengthen communities with equipping strategies for paying it forward.

If you…


  1. Want support + knowledge to establish a profitable brand...
  2. Are looking for the best systems + strategies to scale your current business while achieving better work-life balance...
  3. Desire to build a powerful team and leave solopreneurship behind...

 …all to enjoy a thriving financially-free and time-rich lifestyle, then the iNFINITY8 program is your new home.


I Read your mind, right?
Welcome to the World of Empowering Businesswomen


Hey, I'm Rania

I’m not one to put words in someone’s mouth - but I like to think we’re a lot alike.

As a mother, wife and business owner, I know all about ‘the juggle’. But as a woman, visionary and force for good, I know my life is about so much more than the daily grind.

Years ago, my reality was very different.

 After escaping a toxic relationship (with two young children in tow), I set about rebuilding my life. I built a highly successful events business and poured my everything into it.

But what happens when we go top-heavy in business and forget to pour into our essence?

We burn out. And I did. Big time. 

 I realized that true success wasn’t just about money and growth… it’s about innovation, collaboration and freedom.

 I spent the next few years rebuilding (again) and constructing foundational pillars that would allow me to build both financial freedom and time freedom.



Empowering Businesswomen was built on these pillars and supports the growth and success of thousands of women who are prioritizing family first, creating generational wealth and elevating the experience of women worldwide.


Inside the iNFINITY8 program, I am sharing the 8 pillars to a whole-istic life upgrade, so you can experience scaling up without burning out.

The iNFINITY8 Pillars

The iNFINITY8 system rests on the following eight pillars, all guiding lights for long-term success:




Build lasting legacies and financial security for future generations through winning business systems and strategies.


Achieve financial success through strategic planning, sound business practices, and team development for new revenue streams.


Foster meaningful relationships between friends and family through open communication, understanding, and support.


Prioritize emotional well-being and address your mental health needs with the support and resources to manage stress and build resilience.


Encourage the development of a growth mindset through continuous learning and education, developing new skills and staying current in your field.


Prioritize physical health and well-being by the promotion of healthy mindset shifts and habits. 


Promote focus and discipline through mindfulness practices and spiritual development, helping you to stay motivated and on track.


Feel inspired to become active in your communities through volunteerism,  philanthropy, giving back and positive impact work.

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The comprehensive Life + Business upgrade that’s re-writing the script for success. 


The iNFINITY8 Program

Live Masterclasses

Our expert coaches host live monthly masterclasses with content drawn from all of the iNFINIITY8 pillars. From branding to copywriting, biz systems to financial savvy, family organization to mindset shifts, your toolkit will receive some serious expansion-packs, propelling you to success on your terms. 

Online portal of business assets + templates

Let’s keep the simple stuff simple, right? Instead of losing valuable hours obsessing over endless assets, swipe our drag + drop, plug + play templates for creating lead magnets, sales pages, social media, tons of copy and so much more.

Weekly CEO Live Q & A

This ain’t no faceless membership! Join Rania + Team EB weekly for live Q&A and hot seat coaching. Together, we sort through your challenges and celebrate your wins, nurturing your highest self while helping your business thrive!

Collaboration with peers

One of our core beliefs is “collaboration over competition.” Collaborate with fellow freedom seekers and form profitable global partnerships through access to our exclusive online community of like-minded female entrepreneurs. These are connections worth their weight in gold!

Choose To Pay Monthly or Pay for the Year & SAVE $367 with our ANNUAL pricing!

SAVE $367


12 Month Access

On-going, monthly access to all of the above…with new content being added all the time! 


Payment Plan


12x Payment Plan Option

  • Monthly access to all of the above.
  • Extended payment plan to spread the investment


What clients say about us


Working with Rania has been the best thing that’s happened to me.
Seriously. I was so lost. I had some ideas of maybe what I wanted and she came to my life with the most beautiful energy and showed me what the real potential was.
This woman knows what she’s doing, she understands the business side of things, the analytics, automation and things I still find hard to understand. Do yourself a favor and talk to her. She combines true professionalism, deep knowledge and a big sister/best friend vibe that makes you want to keep moving forward.
If the leap seems a bit scary, please jump. I promise she’s on the other side ready to catch you.


Working with Rania has completely changed the look, success, and over all functionality of my business.
She came in at a time when I needed someone the most. She didn’t just automate my business she built my brand, put me on the map online, increased my visibility, was able to really nail my message and personality within my website and messaging and she really cares about and is deeply invested in your success.
She is creative, organized, and brilliant when it comes to simplifying money making systems for your online business and course. I can't recommend her enough everyone needs a Rania in there business.

Christina D

Really happy to be able to share with these folks - just can hardly believe it's taking form! I've worked so hard on so many things in the past that haven't come to fruition that seeing this is just igniting so much in me!
Literally and obviously couldn't do it without you!

 This is a program packed with high-value…and you have access to all of it.

Start living life by your design!

Wherever your financial freedom comes from, we help you create the systems that keep the income incoming…freeing you up to enjoy what matters most to you.

 Join now and secure your future today!

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Now, you may be thinking…



 "I’m lacking time.”

You’re a busy woman and your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve designed this program thinking about YOU and YOUR schedule. 
All the on-demand content can be consumed at your own pace, and the live masterclasses are recorded to watch later if you can’t make them live. And here’s the best part…the biz systems + templates in the online portal are designed to SAVE you time. We’ve done the thinking for you so you can focus on the other priorities moving your life forward. 


➾ “Am I really ready to go to the next level?” 


It feels uncomfortable breaking cycles that no longer serve us and navigating a new route, but remember, we are collaborating with you!

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? We bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be by giving you all the tools and knowledge you need to help you show up as the self-assured woman you are. 


➾ “I’m unsure about the investment.”


Ask yourself this question: Can you afford to continue living life as you are? As women, we are masters in trying to figure everything out on our own, but we found that leveraging others' expertise was the key to achieving our goals faster without burnout. Inside iNFINITY8, you have access to a collective zone of genius that anticipates your needs and provides you with the resources to move forward and achieve the lifestyle you desire. That is priceless.



  iNFINITY8 is more than a program:

it’s a lifestyle. 

It’s a safe place to tap into your zone of genius and gain the biz + lifestyle know-how that will put you ahead of the game while becoming the highest version of yourself. 


How would a clear path forward transform your ability to reach your ambitious goals?


You can keep doing what you are doing – relying on your own knowledge and experience to achieve your goals – or you can learn new strategies and balance your life by joining forces with other women who are building their lives and businesses without burning out.

We get why it hasn’t ‘come together’ before.

 Most online programs simply show you their blueprint for one type of business success…rather than giving you the tools and support to upgrade your everyday – from personal to professional, and everything in between.

 You feel the lack of nurture from the transactional feel of many of these spaces, and perhaps you’ve fallen back into the comfort of what you know rather than being empowered to move to the next level. 

 Loneliness and a lack of collaboration leads to burn-out. If you want to build a sustainable business that gives you and those you love financial freedom for generations, you need the support of a community that is more than a network – you need a safe space that opens your eyes to what’s possible and nurtures collaboration alongside top-notch business chops so you can thrive

We want that for you…

Take the first step toward the future you crave. Join the program today and banish the burnout in the company of like-minded women and business experts. 

We can’t wait to collaborate with you to build a financially-free, time-rich life + business by your design!

I want this too, I'm in!

More Love

From Our Lovely Ladies...

Chloe R

Ideas have never been my problem, my problem was motivation, knowledge gaps and accountability. Rania is a real and genuine woman, mixing all of what I need to succeed with humor, skill and compassion. In a short amount of time I've been able to pin point where to start. It may not seem like much but this is amazing when I look at the 20 years procrastination to get me to this point! I feel incredibly grateful to have met Rania at this time and to be working under her guidance and direction to make my ideas into reality.


Working with Rania has taken me a long way in a short space of time. I've gone from having dreams to learning how to make them happen in reality and it's because of Rania's empathic approach to building and supporting people to be who they are capable of being. Rania's knowledge of business is vast and she has fast-tracked my business, which has been a fun and exciting journey. If you want to take action and grow your confidence then I recommend working with Rania. All the best!






Frequently Asked Questions

What is iNFINITY8?

iNFINITY8 is a comprehensive business program designed specifically for motivated female entrepreneurs who want to scale up their businesses without burning out. It offers purpose-driven pillars, innovative masterclasses, dynamic business assets, and templates to help members achieve their goals and build a life by design.









 The Empowered Woman Philosophy

When you join iNFINITY8, you aren’t just signing up for another business or marketing program. You are joining a thriving community of Empowered Female Entrepreneurs who are reaching their full potential and creating lasting legacies for their families. 

 We Celebrate

We celebrate the transformative power of women who, like you, are not just changing the game, but redefining it.

 We break barriers

We break barriers and push boundaries through a unique perspective, wealth of knowledge, and determination to succeed – all to create a more inclusive and equitable world for women.

 We provide a platform

We provide a platform for connection, education, and collaboration to support you and other incredible women in business.

 We work toward the goal

We work toward the goal of creating a powerful network of female leaders who shape the future and make a lasting impact through the creation of generational wealth.

This is our legacy. It can be yours, too. 

Pay Monthly or Get 2 Months FREE With Our Annual Subscription


What's Included:

  • Elevate Your Daily Productivity with "Live For Five" Stand-Ups: Engage in our vibrant community and share your actionable goals, fostering accountability and motivation as you exchange daily achievements and receive valuable support from like-minded individuals.
  • Powerful Live Masterclasses Empowering Businesswomen: Join expert business coaches in exclusive sessions aligned with iNFINITY8's pillars for invaluable insights and strategies to elevate your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Monthly Mastermind "The Empowerment Exchange" with Rania Loughnan & Team EB.
  • Supercharge Your Sales Efforts with our Dynamic Business Asset Library and Templates: Access a comprehensive collection of high-converting sales assets and customizable templates to skyrocket your sales productivity and close deals faster.
  • Access to material and assets that Empowering Businesswomen personally use within their own lives and business projects.
  • Access to EB's private community to ask your questions and connect with your peers.
  • All Masterclass training will be accompanied with workbooks, planners, & trackers, including live Q&A with the host and specialist.